Tips and advice to engage into naturism

tips to get into naturism

Are you considering to go for a naturist journey? It may be difficult to take the first step when you want to go fully naked by the sea … But With a little boldness and some few keys and tips, you will soon feel no more embarrassment.

tips to get into naturism

Accept your body

It is the first principle of naturism. Do not be afraid to display your body. If you feel uncomfortable or fearful of any reaction to your body, tell yourself that everyone around you is passing or passing by. Also, say that most of these same people are not at their first naturist experience. Because of their values ​​and their experiences, they will not be judgmental and will not be offended by uncontrolled physical manifestations. Do you also say that if it is not advisable to ogle your neighbor, your neighbor will not look at you either? Live your little naturist life quietly, without worrying about others. It will help you acclimatize and tame your nudity.

Where would you go and with who?

Think about it and make your choices. Because before leaving for your first naturist experience, you will have several decisions to make: with whom to go? Where to go? In what type of institution? These opportunities only look at you but still think of some obvious things. If you are not too comfortable with nudity but want to get started, prefer going to a beach or a naturist pool rather than booking an entire stay directly. It will avoid being stuck for several days if you come not to appreciate the experience. Also, keep in mind that it is easier to undress in front of your spouse than in front of your mates (even if they are too starting).

With or without children?

It is an important issue: Should you with or without children? As good parents, ask yourself the questions: “What will they think of me when I see myself naked?”, “Will I lose my authority once naked?” Is it normal for a child to evolve in a nudist environment?”. On this last point, rest assured: naturism will not make your children unbalanced people, on the contrary! Plunging them into these worlds will allow them to evolve in a healthy society where nudity and the peculiarities of the human body are not taboo, nor exclusively associated with sexuality. Remember: You can also limit it to your spouse and you. Only your conscience can force you to share your naturist experience with your children, or not.

Respect the rules of naturist code

Strictly observe the regulations in force in the establishment or place you are going to visit. While some rules are obvious (respect for the environment and the cleanliness of the site), others are more implicit. The duty to be tolerant of other users also applied through body language: ensure that your gaze does not get stuck on a scar, body imperfection or any other difference that another naturist might have. Do not hesitate to consult the naturism charter that summarizes the good practices adopted and observed by the members and that can also adopt all the naturist practitioners!

Prepare your suitcase as for a typical stay

It may sound silly, but we cannot help asking ourselves this question: how to pack your bags for a naturist holiday?
In nude centers or beaches, nudity is often “mandatory.” But if you want to practice one of the sports activities offered by your naturist center, you will surely need clothes to limit unpleasant friction, for example. Think for example of the weather: in case of rain, cold or wind, do not neglect pullovers, pants and other windbreakers! Finally, in the evening, campsites are tolerant. If the temperature drops, you will have the right to walk around in your campsite.

Beware of the sun

Naturism is often claimed as the solution for a perfect and integral tan. But remember that some areas of your body that have never (or rarely) been exposed to the sun for a long time. Are the most fragile. They will, therefore, suffer violent sunburn if you do not protect them. So do not skimp on sunscreen the first days of exhibitions. Buttocks, chest, pubis: here are the areas not to be neglected in addition to the rest of your body! If you are planning this naturist holiday for a long time, take a vitamin cure that will allow your skin to understand the exposure to the sun ahead better.

Gradually put yourself in the shoes of naturist

Approaching your first naturist experience (whether at a beach or a naturist center), gives you cold sweats, relax. Get used to stripping yourself at home, in your bathroom, but also in the rest of your home. Stroll, watch TV, clean, cook … All naked! Thus you will quickly become familiar with the idea of ​​living “a normal life” while being naked. Once these sensations apprehended, the concept of ​​moving naked in public will not seem more unbearable.