What does excessive masturbation cost?

how much is excessive masturbation

At a time when many guys are want to improve their sexual performance, have more extended sex, and hold longer or be able to enjoy all women, masturbation seems to be commonplace. Here are some benefits and disadvantages.

how much is excessive masturbation

Masturbation to delay ejaculation

When masturbating, and you feel like you are going to ejaculate, try to hold back. Learn to stop as late as possible without ejaculating, when you are closest to the explosion! It will help you get to know you and control you better when you are in bed with a woman. You will be able to spot the moment when you are about to ejaculate. And there, by working on muscle contraction, you should be able to delay your ejaculation.

Masturbation helps to learn how to relax and listen to your feelings

Stop thinking about pleasure and ejaculation and stay tuned for your senses as you touch. It is how you can thoroughly enjoy your sex and the present moment. Women often complain that men turn the sexual act into a race to orgasm. It’s the same when you masturbate. Here it is recommended to delay your ejaculation and enjoy the act itself as much as possible.

Masturbation can have beneficial effects on health

  • It helps to strengthen your immune system
  • It would fight against the symptoms of colds
  • It helps fight against stress
  • It is proper prevention of prostate cancer
  • It would help you sleep better
  • It is good for blood pressure regulation and blood circulation.

And as Woody Allen said, “Do not say anything bad about masturbation. It’s the safest way to make love to someone you love. ”
That said, if you feel that masturbation becomes an easy way and that you stay stuck in your little comfort zone without ever going to the girls, it’s time to stop. Leave your home to meet new people.

Because if masturbation can have many benefits to improve your sex life, it can also destroy it.

Masturbation takes you away from real sexuality

Masturbation is a bonus. Never the base of your sexuality. Because from the very moment you cannot do without, you can consider that masturbation deteriorates your sexual performance rather than improving it.

Masturbation will make you anxious and frustrate you

It must be admitted that men’s lives are badly done. It is between 18 and 25 years that their sexual desires are undoubtedly the strongest. Now, it is precisely in this period of life that it is hardest to be in a relationship and find a girlfriend for regular sexual activity. As a result, many men see compensation in excessive consumption of pornographic movies where everything is allowed and feel it much more difficult to return to more realistic sexuality once in a couple. Masturbation will skew your vision of reality. You will develop limiting beliefs about your anatomy, the desire of women and the way in which intercourse can occur.

It can cause many problems during your sexual intercourse. Among these issues, we have:

  • A loss of sensation,
  • Erection problems,
  • A difficulty in ejaculating, because you are not sufficiently excited,
  • You can find your girlfriend bland because she does not want to do everything,
  • You can be completed by your body.
  • If you are in this situation, the best way to improve your sexual performance is to stop pornography and stop masturbating.

Masturbation kills motivation

There is no doubt that it is easier to stay at home surfing the internet and indulge in only pleasure rather than taking the approach of becoming attractive to women. In the long run, it’s a must for a fulfilling love life.

In the end, masturbation acts a bit like an atomic bomb. The impact will have on your sex life depends on how you use it. It can be a way to learn how to approach your body, to explore new sensations and to complete your sexuality.

On the other hand, it can also become a burden and stoop. If you are addicted to masturbation because you are frustrated and alone, it will become a drag and will penalize you in bed and may even reduce your sexual opportunities and you will no longer be able to sleep with anyone.